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Vegan Coconut Bacon BLT | recipe via

Vegan Coconut Bacon BLT

I admit, I’ve been holding this recipe back from you guys. It’s been tough keeping it from you while I was working on it over the last couple of weeks! Especially because I dreamed up the idea for this months ago. But since it’s nearing the end of Summer, I realize that letting the season go…

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grain-free buckwheat sunflower seed granola (vegan) | recipe via

Grain-Free Buckwheat Sunflower Seed Granola aka Groovy Granola!

“Hey Granola, you know about eating vegetarian stuff right? Of course you do.” “So Granola, I know you’re a blogger or whatever but how do you pay your bills?” “You’re granola but you’re not that crunchy….” Granola. Yeah, people have called me that. On more than one occasion. Sometimes in a derogatory way, which I…

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