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vegan thai-style coconut lime noodle bowls with tamari tofu | recipe via

Vegan Thai-Style Coconut Lime Noodles with Tamari Fried Tofu

Lately dinner has been majorly on-the-fly. Between picking up side photography gigs, subbing yoga classes and playing a lot more shows with my band… dinner is often a last thought. We’ve been doing more eating out. Which, for us, means once a week. It’s a nice break from the unending sink full of dishes I…

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cocoa hemp caramel protein bites |

Cocoa Hemp Caramel Protein Balls

Who doesn’t love a good protein ball? Now these protein balls are a far cry from the dusty, sad, flavorless protein snacks of your past. These are luscious, sweet and nutty with an addictive cocoa caramel flavor. I’m not really the sort of person that keeps sweet treats around to scarf. But now that I’ve…

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chocolate tahini avocado smoothie bowl! vegan recipe via

Chocolate Tahini Avocado Smoothie Bowl

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I teach yoga classes. I like to flow between moving with the class and walking through the practitioners to adjust and give notes. After class I often do a 45 minute flow just for myself. Or I’ll fit in a workout on the elliptical plus some core strengthening and lifting….

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